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10 Architecturally Stunning Cabins to Daydream About

10 Architecturally Stunning Cabins to Daydream About

For some of us, cabins take up a magical corner of our brain that we reserve for daydreams during long workdays. Cabins are not just structures, but lifestyles of escape that hold an ethereal aura of utter relaxation and simplicity. While all our cabin dreams may be unique to ourselves, they typically involve some variation of sipping coffee amidst the smell of cedars, reading a good book before a fireplace, or lying in a hammock with the stars overhead. For some of us, they may involve a yurt set back in the desert wilderness with cactus blossoms and coyote howls, or an A-frame located in the Washington rainforest with a tin roof that echoes the sounds of rain. 

While they are typically places of refuge that blur the lines between modern luxury and a return to nature, 21st century cabins include a wide variety of styles, structures, and materials that are typically unique to their environment. The cabins in the list below offer a small taste of possibility as they range from California coastal cottages to Colorado designer-villas to Hobbit-like treehouses in the Texas backcountry. However, whether you’re looking for your next vacation stay, a DIY project, or some spice for your workday escapism, they are sure to inspire countless daydreams (and possible drooling) over their beauty. 

1) The Fall River Ridge Cabin – Ashton, Idaho

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The Fall River Ridge Cabin – Ashton, Idaho

For a spacious cabin located in the Idaho wilderness, this two-story home is a stunning look at how functional can meet beautiful. It includes four master suites, six bathrooms, and a bunk room, which is hopefully enough living space even for the extended family to tag along. Much of the home blends dark-stained wood accents with clean white features to create a rustic cabin look that still feels homey enough to be a farmhouse. While it’s modern enough to make everyone in the family happy, it also features plenty of windows that offer expansive views of the surrounding nature. 

Rate: $875

2) The Haven at Jenner – Jenner-by-the-Sea, California

The Haven at Twilight
The Haven at Jenner – Jenner-by-the-Sea, California

Located along the Sonoma Coast in California, this cottage is the perfect inspiration for anyone looking for a romantic escape. While it’s only one bedroom, the open floor plan creates plenty of open and well-lighted space while also highlighting many of the home’s natural wood features and beautiful décor. The main living room is situated around a wood-burning fireplace, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves create plenty of height with vaulted ceilings. If you’d like to enjoy the home’s beautiful exterior, there’s a wraparound deck and private hot tub where you can gaze at the house or the stars. 

Rate: $200

3) Hobbit Nest Treehouse – Paige, Texas

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Hobbit Nest Treehouse – Paige, Texas

While this treehouse offers a step back into Middle Earth, it also comes with plenty of design inspiration that can be applied to the modern era. Most notably, it features raw wood limbs that twist, turn, and burl into unique accents that make this treehouse like no other. Its one-of-a-kind natural pieces blend with cozy round features such as windows, mirrors, and door frames to create a home where every corner is inspired by nature. Even the wood planks used to construct the walls have raw edges, allowing their beauty to shine through.  While it may be small, the treehouse makes the most of its space by including an outdoor shower and seating area where you can enjoy the surrounding views from high up in the canopy. 

Rate: $250

4) Tall Pines Sanctuary Secluded Treehouse – Blue Eye, Missouri

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Tall Pines Sanctuary Secluded Treehouse – Blue Eye, Missouri

Located in Blue Eye, Missouri, Tall Pines Sanctuary is a cozy cabin in the woods that’s surrounded by life. Much of the home takes inspiration from the surrounding nature and finds unique ways to bring it inside, making visitors feel as if they are submerged within the Missouri wilderness. Most notably, it includes a solarium where visitors can look through a massive wall of windows into a sea of green. The interior includes all wood walls, ceilings, and trim set against beautifully tiled floors and rock features. To contrast the natural features, the furniture provides a pop of bright color that works to create a fun yet cozy home for anyone to enjoy. 

Rate: $165

5) Cabin in the Woods – Easton, Washington

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Cabin in the Woods – Easton, Washington

While all A-frames are absolute gems, this one located in Easton Washington is especially adorable as it features a modern interior set within a vintage-looking cabin. Upon first look, you are immediately greeted by an all-wood exterior with dark green trim and the classic eaves that stoop to the ground. The front porch is spacious enough for comfortable seating while still being covered and cozy. The interior is light-filled and warm, bringing the outside to the inside with more wood trim and natural materials. While the home doesn’t offer WiFi, it does provide the perfect opportunity to get back to nature and spend much-needed time with loved ones. 

Rate: $118

6) Shenandoah Yet – Stanley, Virginia

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Shenandoah Yet – Stanley, Virginia

For an interesting turn of events, this next featured cabin is a yurt set back in the Virginia wilderness. While most yurts feature humble and simple designs, this one takes a turn by offering a two-story luxury experience, showcasing just how stunning a unique home can be. Inside, the ceiling soars to the sky, showing off a cone of wooden beams and planks that make the space feel massive and airy. It features an open floor plan, complete with a fireplace, loft, and full-modern kitchen. While most of the home is constructed of wood, the colors contrast each other to create an intricate and natural home whose beauty is undeniable. 

Rate: $400

7) The Ridge Chalet – Ellicottville, New York

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The Ridge Chalet – Ellicottville, New York

Offering 2,600 feet of square space, this chalet is a skier’s paradise that’s still big enough for the whole family. The main living room is lighted by a massive wall of windows that reach up to a vaulted ceiling, and the outdoor views include both nearby forests and mountains to inspire your next ski run. If you’re up to brave the cold, a large porch wraps around the front of the house to provide unfiltered views and a chilly place to enjoy your morning coffee. If you need to warm up after a cold day on the slopes, you can choose between a hot tub, cedar sauna, or wood-burning fireplace to end your long day. 

Rate: $650

8) Siuslaw River Cabin – Swisshome, Oregon

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Siuslaw River Cabin – Swisshome, Oregon

If your favorite interior design element includes wood beams that run across the ceiling, then this cabin is for you. The vaulted wooden ceiling runs across the house creating a massive open-floor plan that’s perfect for a romantic getaway. The space is light-filled, open, and intricately adorned with natural elements that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. While it’s a simple design with a singular open room and enclosed bathroom, organic elements and modern features combine to create an eye-catching home that’s sure to please. The outside is a burnt red that stands brilliantly against a backdrop of green life, and a seasonal stream flows by to surround you with the sounds of nature. 

Rate: $160

9) Romantic Retreat Cabin – Granville, Vermont

"If you're looking for a place to get away from the world... this is it!" AB
Romantic Retreat Cabin – Granville, Vermont

For an interesting stay located in Vermont, this cabin’s exterior is reminiscent of a shingle-sided barn with a tin roof, however, the interior is breathtaking with vaulted ceilings, warm-toned wood walls, and a spiral staircase that ties it all together. A wood-burning fireplace sits in the corner near a reading nook, and large windows fill the space with light, creating a home that is both cozy and airy. It also features a full kitchen and upstairs that includes a master bedroom and second bedroom that’s ideal for bringing along the family. The exterior has a large porch with a hot tub, hammock chair, and a unique wooden railing with organically shaped logs and tree limbs. 

Rate: $243

10) Boulder Villa – Boulder, Colorado

residence, upper levels
Boulder Villa – Boulder, Colorado

This multi-level designer home located three minutes from Boulder, Colorado features spectacular scenery and luxury amenities, including two soaking tubs and a steam shower. The house is modern, beautiful, and full of natural accents that secure its connection to the surrounding wilderness. Guests can enjoy gorgeous views through floor-to-ceiling windows or take a step out onto one of the numerous balconies to get some fresh air with their morning cup of joe. The home also includes a river stone fireplace that offers the perfect place to sit back and relax after a long day of nearby hiking. Much of the interior blends rustic elements with Norwegian hygge to create a unique Colorado stay that is unlike any other. 

Rate: $832